How to lose weight and eat what you want? Finally Resolved

If you love food and want to be skinny, you’re not alone. Your wish for how to lose weight and eat what you want is about being fulfilled here. 


As a quick answer is:

  • Do Keto. 
  • Fix your carbs.

Why read this article after getting this answer? We’ve done good research to help you enjoy all the meals without a little care of body weight. 

We’ll let you know the ultimate ways you can be skinny and satiated at the same time. We’ll also let you know what does not work at all.

You probably can’t wait to learn these most effective ways to keep a check on your body weight without leaving your food. You need not. Your lifelong happy experience with food is just this 10 min read away. Here we come.

Some Myths for How to Lose Weight and Eat What You Want

If you do not want to care about your diet portions and the weight risks, you must know how to lose weight and eat what you want. Yet, before letting you know the true secret of not gaining weight at all, it’s essential to know what are some common approaches you came across when you search for, “ How to lose weight and eat what I want.”

The critical overview will help you know how practical these solutions are.

  • Control your Portion

Portion control diet has been quite trendy for a few years. You need to eat smaller portions of your favorite foods. It simply cuts on the calories and lets you enjoy controlled weight. 

Is it really helpful? To some extent….it can be helpful if you’re not an eater. For every foodie, the food is just an ultimate attraction. So, you never want to cut it, especially the carbs. Most of your delicious food from carbs which is also a source of glucose.

  • Eat Slowly

The advice of eating slowly has been very helpful, to let your brain know that you’re full now. Let me ask you how long you can sit to eat slowly? What if you already get a big pizza to eat? 

Hopefully, it can be as soon as possible. Even if you eat slowly, you never want to put your pizza back in the refrigerator. It’s why the rule only works for more patient people.

  • Avoid Emotional Eating

People eat more when stressed. Obesity also roots into emotional eating. Why do you eat emotionally? Let’s undertake what causes obesity in depression first.

The major causes of depression are lack of connection: with peoples, palace, work areas, and your own feelings. The result is the negative feelings like anger, resentment and fear. 

So, people tend to connect themselves with the food. Soon, the relation becomes worse when you start blaming food for making you fat. But, at the same time, and you don’t want to leave it. 

Thus, results are drastic, and leaving food is hard. However the approach is highly helpful. You should try?

  • Cut Unhealthy Food

Possibly you are not here at this blog post to cut your tempting unhealthy food. You have already searched, “how to lose weight and eat what you want.” 

The idea of leaving all unhealthy stuff is highly recommended. It does wonders. You must go for it. But how many foods can you leave? Here is a list of popcorn, pizza, french fries, icecreams, cakes, burgers, etc. So, for any food lover, it can be hard.

  • Place the Problematic Foods out of Reach

Let me be honest. It was a joke told by some non-foody. Can you ask a coffee crazy to stop drinking coffee? Or can you hope that putting a cigarette away can help quit smoking? No way… The approach is advisable on the internet. But, the failure rate must have been unnoticed in relation to the food addiction. You either need a practical way or daydreaming.

  • Plan your Diet

Another workable tip while searching for “how to lose weight and eat what you want;” can be of planning your diet. It really works for a disciplined person with a plenary of time, like me ( I’m on Keto).

But the question is, “what will you plan?”

It’ll be eating no carbs, no junks, no sugar, and focusing on eating the healthiest foods on the planet.

Are you going to do this? If you’re in love with your favorite foods, Perhaps you’ll look for some other way.

  • Drink more water

Drink more water to fool your hunger. By drinking water, you can indeed help to get rid of weight. But it only works with combined strategies. Many of those are above mentioned.

Water helps with the detoxification of your body. It releases many toxic substances from your body that cause fat. The researchers suggest you drink ½ liter of water and 30 mins walk before breakfast.

But will you please stop eating your favorite foods to help it work? 

  • Do Cardio

Cardio helps not. Why am I so straight forward? There is no doubt that cardio can help with the heart health. But, it has no or little to do with you weight loss. 

Cardio makes you more hungry and the result is more eating. In the same way, your weight loss is 70-80% about your diet. Certain exercises can help with body toning and shaping but not with weight loss. It’s why fitness trainer are also less interested in Cardio

  • Do HITT and Strength Training

One of the most effective ways to aid weight loss is the HITT training and strength training. They help not only with the weight loss about also to keep it away for a longer period. The better results come through combining with quality diet.

In the same way, the studies show that high intensity interval training is also incredible to shed extra pounds.

So, undoubtedly one of the best ways to get rid of obesity is to engage in workouts.

  • Eat what you Love the Most

Coming across this approach to eating, I was very fascinated. It simply advises you to prioritize your food among all the servings and eat that one. You should not choose any other. The approach can be helpful. But what if you still eat much of your favorite food? Can you recall the past example of pizza here?

  • Eat More veggies

Drinking more water or eating more veggies are similar types of advice. You don’t like to fill your stomach with water. Similarly, you don’t want to eat veggies. Eating vegetable is the most difficult part of any diet (for me despite being on Keto).

If you are successful in replacing your favorite food with vegetables, congrats!!!

  • Eat when you’re Hungry.

It also works. The better way to adopt this way of eating is to schedule your food strictly.

Thus, you can see, among most of the recommended way when it’s about, “how to lose weight and eat what you want,” nearly 50% of the advice are either not going to work. Or they simply don’t help.

Then what to do? 

Our secret to wishful eating is awaiting. But for getting into it, let’s see what makes you obese. Why some people don’t become fat despite wearing what they want

Why do some People Eat what they want but are Skinny?

You always want to know what some of your fellows are always busy in parties, lunches. Still, they’re skinny. The reason is the correct metabolic system. 

Why do they have a fast metabolic system? The unique physique? What makes them unique? How can you have a fast metabolic system? 

The secret of your wished eating is behind all these questions. Let’s find the answers.

  • What is a Metabolic system?

The chemicals in your body actively do their job to use the stored calories for body functions. At rest or during activities, you need these calories. The rate of burning those calories determines the speed of your metabolism. The higher the speed is, the more your body will use its fat deposits.

However, if you have a slow metabolism, the body can’t wait to get energy from stored fuel inside your body. As a result, you have cravings for the instant sugars and carbs.

The pattern becomes so conditioned that your body doesn’t rely on the fat storage inside the body, but it demands instant energy. The result is, what you eat more than you need, doesn’t burn in the future but becomes a part of body fat.

  • What slows down your metabolic system health?

There are many underlying causes of a slow metabolism. Some of them are hormone disbalance, aging, activity level, and insulin resistance lead towards the under performing metabolism.

It is also possible that you might have had good metabolism in the past, but the lack of minerals or poor diet has broken it. So, fast metabolism is the only way to let you eat whatever you want.

  • How can you Boost your Metabolic System?

Many metabolism-boosting techniques you can find here and there. But they don’t help permanently. You can boost your metabolism by doing intense exercise. 

Yet, the better way is to fix it forever. You can do it by eating the right food. Your right food will help you overcome insulin resistance.

By overcoming the insulin resistance and you can increase your metabolism and get rid of all the body fat. 

How can you do it?

The preferred way to control your insulin resistance is through a ketogenic diet. 

The Ketogenic diet advises you to consume 70% of fats, 20% of protein and 5% of carbs, and 5% of veggies, of your total daily intake of calories. 

The higher consumption of fats will let your body alter its preference or carb-sugars and burn fat for its fuel. The routine will prevent the loss of muscle mass. The veggies will help you get your minerals.

Still, you’ll be deprived of your carbs: loved foods.

What to do?

 Don’t worry. Nobody is going to trouble you here. You can use the magical formula of carb fix and get benefits of life -saving Keto diet.

How to Lose Weight and Eat What You Want, Using Carbofix?

To help you with the evolution of your body, we’ll let you know how this expert formula of Crabofix helps with fixing the metabolism keeping you happy with your carbs intake.

  • What is Carbfix?

The Carbofix is a healthy formula to support glucose utilization in your body. It doesn’t alert your body’s adoption of the fat, but let you stay in ketosis, lose weight, have a fast metabolism, and eat your carbs. You also need not spare time for heavy exercises. The reason is, your body is already in the energy using mode.

It boosts your metabolism. It lets not your body to store fats. It also promotes fat burning. The more happy news is, it’s not a steroid but a 100% natural formula. So, you can safely take it for a longer period when you look for how to lose weight and eat what you want.

The result is, you don’t find the life-saving Keto diet boring at all. But, you get all the maximum benefits out of it. Thus, it lets you burn stubborn body fat more quickly.

  • How can you use Carbofix to lose weight and eat what you want? 

The quick answer is, just stock it. Having stocked Carbofix, you’ll have a routine usage of the carbs fixing formula.

Final Thoughts

If you have been struggling with how to lose weight and eat what you want, your struggle ends here. By overcoming your insulin resistance and boosting metabolism, you can eat all your favorite foods. There are many ways to help you. But few are definite. Among these, the Carbofix can be a quick and permanent fix.

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